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Regular meetings

Meetings at Bournemouth Sports Club at Chapel gate have been replaced as BRAA refocus on 

events rather than regular meetings 


Date                                        Event/Speaker

Tuesday 10th July 2018                    General meeting - members only

Tuesday 14th August 2018               An evening with Monty - charity fundraising evening

Tuesday 11th September 2018          NPAS Bournemouth

Tuesday 9th October 2018               Getting to know you Quiz 

Tuesday 13th November                  The history of RAE and FAST museum - by Ray Hatch. 

Tuesday 11th December                   Battle of Britain 1935 or The RAF from 1909 to 1939 - By Stephen Robson

Tuesday 12th February 2019             Air traffic control / Heathrow - Stuart Little


Tuesday 12th March                        “Lucy Houston : the Lady Who Saved a Nation”  - By Colin van Geffen

Tuesday 9th April                            Photographer and film maker - John Oaten

Tuesday 14th May                           WO1 Neil Hague AGC(RMP) - Army (postponed)

Tuesday 11th June                           Life as a fast jet pilot - Chris Marshall

Tuesday 9th July                            Brigadier Graeme Fraser - NAVY NRCWWE-HQ NRC

Tuesday 13th August                      Stephen Robson

Thursday 29th August 2019             BRAA at 25, the Birthday party "Dinner with the Pilots"

Tuesday 10th September 2019         NO MEETING

Tuesday 8th October                      The magic that was the Harrier - Chris Marshall

Tuesday  12th November                General meeting followed at 8pm by

                                                  Flying scholarships for disabled people- Ben Bennett 

Tuesday 10th December                 Changes and Challenges, 2008 to 2019

                                                  Bournemouth Air Festival - Jon Weaver

Tuesday 14th January 2020             No Meeting - New years break


Tuesday 14th July 2020                  Zoom Meeting - Kurt Baldwin, C17 pilot

Tuesday October 13th 2020            Zoom Meeting - Sqn Ldr Mike Child, Typhoon, Hawk solo, Red Arrows

Tuesday Nov 10th 2020                 Zoom Meeting - Seb Davey Lancaster /A400 pilot

Tuesday 8th December 2020          Zoom meeting - Simon Greenhalgh, Hawk instructor

Tuesday 9th Feb 2021                   Zoom meeting - 2Excel Oil spill response B727

Tuesday 9th March 2021                Zoom Meeting - Rich Goodwin - Muscle Pitts / Jet Pitts

Tuesday 13th April 2021                 Zoom Meeting - Mike Ling

Tuesday 11th May 2021                  Zoom Meeting - Nevil Shute Norway Aviation and Author Genius  - Stephen Robson                        

Tuesday 8th June 2021                  Zoom Meeting - CALSHOT : the RNAS Years -  Colin van Geffen

Tuesday 13th July 2021                  Zoom meeting - displaying a chippy - Simon Tilling

Tuesday 10th August 2021             Zoom meeting - Luke Keatley, Apache Pilot

Tuesday 17th August 2021             Zoom meeting - Jo Jacobs, Belgian Air Force A109 display pilot

Tuesday 12th October 2021            Zoom Meeting - Sqn Ldr Al Dow - OC 24 Sqn Brize Norton

Tuesday 9th Nov 2021                  Zoom Meeting - Sqn Ldr Mark Sugden - OC BBMF

Tuesday 14th Dec 2021                 Zoom meeting - Flt Lt James Sainty - 2021 Typhoon display pilot

Tuesday 11th Jan 2022                  Zoom meeting - Sqn Ldr Luke Wilkinson - 12 Sqn

Tuesday 8th Feb 2022                 Zoom Meeting - joining with Matts pilot talks

Tuesday 8th Mar 2022                 Zoom Meeting - Chris Wiseman, RAF Exeter

Tuesday 12th April 2022               Zoom Meeting - Circus 3 and 5 from the Red Arrows

Tuesday 10th May 2022               Zoom Meeting - Colin van Geffen - All at sea

Tuesday 14th June 2022              Zoom meeting - Lt Cdr Roderick Royce - Aviation in the Navy

Tuesday 8th Nov 2022                Zoom meeting - Tim Granshaw - Another route to spitfire pilot

Tuesday 4th January 2023           Zoom Meeting - Dave Harvey - the Phantom incedent 1984

Tuesday 11th April 2023               Zoom Meeting - John LeBrun - To fly a Vulcan bomber

Tuesday 9th May 2023                Zoom Meeting - Experienced RAF and private display pilot

Tuesday 13th June 2023              Zoom meeting - TBA

Tuesday 11th July 2023                Zoom Meeting - Navy wings and ETPS test pilot



Date                                        Event/Location


February 2014                         Ejection seats - Martin Baker

March 2014                             Red Arrows - RAF Scampton

March 2014                             RAF Cranwell

28th June 2014                       Reds 50th celebration funday - Bournemouth Aviation Museum

28th August 2014                    BRAA barbeque - Bournemouth Flying Club Cafe (ticket only)

12th December 2014                RAF band concert - The Lighthouse, Poole


28th April 2015                       2pm we will be supporting Runway Cafe Bournemouth flying club presentation to Jon Egging Trust

28th April 2015                       3pm we will be supporting Bournemouth Aviaion museum for the unveiling of their tribute to Jon Egging

24th June2015                        Cobham Hall & FNHT hangars at Yeovilton

27th June 2015                       Red Arrows Funday - Bournemouth Aviation Museum

22nd July 2015                        RMB Chivenor

28th July 2015                        IX Squadron, RAF Marham (Tornado GR4)

20th-23rd August 2015           Bournemouth Air Festival

20th August 2015                   BRAA barbeque - Bournemouth Flying Club Cafe (ticket only)

20th Nov 2015                       Celebration and Thanks evening with the Jon Egging Trust

28th Nov 2015                       7pm, we will be supporting a musical evening at the Pure Drop in aid of Jon Egging Trust

5th Dec 2015                          7:30pm, we will be supporting Christchurch Music Centre at A Wind Band Wonderland Christmas Concert

                                             at Christchurch Priory. tickets from the Regent Centre

April 2016                             Portsmouth historic dockyard

May 2016                              RAF Scampton visiting the Red Arrows

June 2016                             A special birthday, 100 years of Betty 

July 2016                              BBQ with the RNLI

August 2016                         Bournemouth Air Festival

August 2016                         BRAA annual Barbeque

September 2016                   RAF Brize Norton - A400

February 2018                       Henstridge airfield - Yak Display Team

October 2018                        RFC Rendcom Airfield visit with Aerosuperbatics display team

11th January 2019                 Secret spitfires, with NFAG, Lyndhust

31st January 2019                 Supporting JET quiz night at the Cumberland Hotel

27th February 2019              Scampton Heritage centre visit

1st March 2019                     TCT cheque presentation at Bournemouth Airport Hawk

8th March 2019                    Jon Egging Trust Gala dinner, under the wings of Concorde

16th April 2019                     Hanger tour at NPAS Bournemouth

29th Aug 2019                      Dinner with the pilots - Cumberland hotel

12th Feb 2020                      Cheque presentation to Jon Egging Trust at Bmth Uni

5th March 2020                    Visit to RAF Scampton Heritage center

6th March 2020                    Visit to RAF Waddington

6th March 2020                    Visit and hanger tour at 29 Sqn RAF Coningsby

6th March 2020                    Visit and hanger tour with BBMF RAF Coningsby

25th April 2020                     Coffee, cake  and catch-up at Compton Abbas "CANCELLED"


2nd September 2021             Dinner with the Pilots 2021 - tickets on sale from June 2021

15th October 2021                 Jon Egging Trust Gala Dinner at RAF Coningsby

1st December 2021                Visit to 2Excel Oil spill Response, Doncaster Airport

2nd December 2021              Charity dinner with The Red Arrows at RAF Scampton

1st September 2022              Dinner with the pilots 2022

4th November 2022              Jon Egging Trust Gala dinner at the national space centre

15th March 2023                   Evening meal at the Dambusters Inn, Scampton

16th March 2023                  Visit by invitation by RAFAT to RAF Scampton and RAF Waddington






                   It is possible that due to situations out of our control that dates and events may be subject to change or cancellation with little or no notice

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